SPN Review from Maureen Ryan

Maureen Ryan has an interesting take on "Clip Show."  Maureen was a long-time fan of the show but fell out of love with it after Seasons 6 and 7.  Overall, she says she is much more satisfied with Season 8 and has high hopes for a good Season 9.  Personally, I was expecting great things from 'Clip Show' and while it wasn't awful, a la 'Taxi Driver,' I felt it had some big holes.  And, I know some other fans were very disappointed in that episode.  Nevertheless, Maureen makes some very good points in her review and has made me view the ep more positively, or at least less negatively. Check it out for yourself at the link below.

Can Kripke move to the large screen? TIME thinks so.

This article mentions Kripke as a possibility to move on to feature film-making a la Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams.  Supernatural and Revolution are cited as evidence that Kripke has the skills to take genre film-making from the small screen to the large.
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Comments on the SPN 8 Premiere

Comments under the header -- contains spoilers:

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Some fans are concerned about how Sam spent the year after Dean vanished.  Actually Sam's response (stopping hunting, aimlessly driving around, etc.) made sense to me in a way.  When you lose someone very close to you, you are grieving and what you do at that stage can be very different from what came before in your life.  When Sam lost Jess, he became bent on revenge (although part of him thought he could go back to a normal life afterwards).  When he lost Dean, he became a little crazy and hooked up with Ruby and the demon blood.  When Dean disappeared, he lost the last person in the world he was close to.  He had to be seriously depressed and probably aimless.  His previous reactions to loss had been to seek revenge and that had not turned out well for him (Ruby anyone!).  So depression and feeling totally alone could very well make an individual incapable of continuing their life as it was -- quit hunting, etc. By the time he started to heal, he apparently had met the dog and the girl and started on a different path.  Beyond that, does Dean have the right to query Sam's choice? After all, Dean gave up hunting and settled down with Lisa after Sam went to hell.  Yes, Dean promised Sam he would do that and so he did.  And Sam had promised that he wouldn't look for Dean if he vanished -- a mutual promise. Sam's reactions to Dean's disappearance may not be what the fans and Dean wanted to see but they are consistent with what someone might do after a heart wrenching loss. 

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Season seven (no spoilers)

I just watched episodes 7.01 and 7.02.  Wow! I say again Wow!  I've been away from home for a week and I just got to see eps. 7.01 and 7.02 on TIVO after a rewatch of 6.22.  I was just blown away.  The action and suspense had me on edge.  The relationships between Dean, Sam, and  Bobby, were strong again and the dialog was touching and complex.   The only thing that worries me is that SPN is going into Season 7 with some of its best ep's ever and the ratings are just so-so.  I know it's Friday nights and it's up against Fringe, coming off a strong season but those SPN fans who gave up on the show because they didn't like Season 5 and/or Season 6, are really missing something.  Season 7 looks like it will be one of the best ever.  Personally, although there were a few ep's I don't care for, I liked every season on the whole.  Some were stronger than others, but SPN is original television.  Not another cop procedural, dumb sitcom, or soppy tearjerker.  And the actors can really act, the writers can really write, and they do it all on  a dime, so to speak.     
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How do I get information hidden behind the cut?

I want to make a comment that has some spoiler info in it but I can't figure out how to hide it below the cut.  Can anyone help? Or give me a link where I would find some instructions on this?  I've tried the method in question 75 of the FAQ. I've highlighted the information I've wanted to hide below the cut and then pressed the LJ  cut icon in the Rich text toolbar but it doesn't seem to work when i preview it.  Am I missing something? Thx for any help.
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Winchester Hair Revisited

 I just rewatched Sympathy for the Devil (on TNT).  Sam's hair was definitely darker than I remembered it in previous seasons so the change to darker hair was already taking place in Season 5.  However, in certain lighting, it still had some blond highlights on the tips.  Also, Dean's hair was a little less spiky than in previous seasons but still somewhat brushlike and straight.  Sort of like a long crew cut.  In Season 6, his hair is softer looking and somewhat wavy.  The waviness is a little reminiscent of John's hair and even of Matt Cohen's young John's hair.  

I think I will stop obsessing about Winchester hair and try to find something else to focus in on.
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Fixating on SPN Hair

Suddenly, after seeing Episodes 6-01 and 6-02, I have fixated on how the guys' hair is different this season.   Sam's seems much more chocolaty brown than it used to.  I always thought of it as a dirty blond but now it seems uniformly brunette.  Dean's hair is still short but no longer spiky.  It looks a lot more like the way Jensen actually wears his hair when not in character.  Part on the right.  Just sayin'.